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We transform technology for the better

We offer consulting services for innovative technologies
With our extensive experience of everything from innovation to mass production in autonomous mobility, we embrace continuous change and offer hands-on business consulting to help guide you through any terrain and achieve your key business goals.

Consulting Services

We are fascinated by pioneering technologies that genuinely improve our daily life, our environment and our society. We are keen to see these exciting innovations flourish – and that is exactly why we are constantly finding and perfecting new ideas and approaches to speed up their market success.

About us

For the successful development of our customers

Established Enterprises

We help mature businesses in various lifecycles to evolve & transform in line with their key business goals!


We love supporting ground-breaking business ideas and helping new organizations write their very own success story!


We use our combined 100 years’ experience in high-tech developments to provide a holistic assessment and support of technology investments.

The highest peaks are our personal success stories


... in Business Development
Co-founding, scaling up and building a product and service company in the field of autonomous mobility and its rapid development into an established enterprise with 300 employees in Germany. Plus, the founding of subsidiaries in the U.S and India and the acquisition of many globally leading OEMs and Tier1s as customers.


... in Technology Evolution
Successful evolution of new technology roadmaps, including merger, acquisition activities and strategic collaborations in RADAR, LIDAR and Surround-Vision in the autonomous mobility Tier 1 sector.


... in Organizational Development
Building up and leading a research and development organization for automotive LIDAR sensor technology in California, turning one idea into a dedicated team of 120 engineers. Together with an international group of experts, the new organization mastered the product launch at a global top OEM.


... in Value Stream Optimization
Restructuring of an automotive production site, focusing on manufacturing strategy and lean management, boosting productivity by 30% and generating flow in the ramp-up process of new product launches.


… in Leadership
Building, leading and coaching a large-scale international project team (with a budget of €200 million and 400+ members) of a leading automotive Tier 1 organization in the development and introduction of a product family of cameras aimed at the premium market – all the way from initial samples to serial production.