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Whether your business is a new investment, an emerging start-up, or an established company in transformation, our unique blend of team expertise and an outstanding business network helps us deliver the ingredients you need to succeed.

Business Development – enable, scale-up and grow

The road to sustainable growth starts with a vision and a strategy backed up by a competitive business model. We analyze where you are, guide you through each step and help you turn your vision into reality.

  • Creating, stress-testing and shaping business models
  • Merger and acquisition consulting
  • Monetization, go-to-market and scale-up strategies
  • Internationalization and footprint strategy
  • Make or buy and partner strategies

Technology Evolution – Solutions ahead of the market

Developing your technology-based business in line with your strategic goals requires outstanding, customized solutions - products and services that give you an edge in the market. We help you ask the important questions and, if necessary, find the right partners. We ensure that your product strategy enables you to realize your vision.

  • Product and technology strategies
  • Technology and partner scouting
  • Technology assessment and benchmarking
  • Design and concept reviews
  • Market analyses

Organizational Development – enable agility

We've seen everything from start-ups to large enterprises, with one clear insight: "Successful products and services need a passionate, agile organization with short decision paths." Together with you, we focus on organizational transformation. The result is an organization that can respond to new market demands quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of innovation.

  • Transforming and optimizing organizations
  • Build and scaling up organizations
  • Hands-on coaching of organizational key players
  • Streamlining organizations around core values and business focus
  • Safeguarding organizational post-merger integration

Value Stream Optimization – strive for efficiency

Developing an organization is a continuous journey. Operational excellence and efficiency in delivering competitive solutions are key to sustainable success. We work with your team to eliminate bottlenecks and redundant operations. Your organization will measurably pick up speed and see an obvious cost benefit.

  • Efficiency initiatives and lean management
  • Process re-engineering
  • Digitalization strategy
  • Inshore vs. offshore analysis
  • Benchmarking internal vs. external service

Leadership – execution matters

Finally, your strategy and roadmap have to pay dividends. We know how to take ideas from paper and guide them effectively through all the key phases on the way to a successful market launch: clear goals, defined strategies, focused work with the team, transparent decision making, active assistance, attentive measurement of progress, stakeholder management, adapting approaches where necessary and – of course – effective completion. In other words: Leadership to empower teams and deliver results efficiently.

  • Leading of strategic transformation programs
  • Hands-on coaching of leaders and leadership teams
  • Management of supply chains and partner networks
  • Task force management
  • Project and program management

Which mountain of success shall we climb together?